I have worked for more than 21 years in gas detection. With my Instrumentation Engineering degree in hand, I started working at Oldham in 1994 as a Sales Engineer before successively becoming Regional Agency Manager for Southwest France, later Northern France, then finally Global Director of Product Development in 2005.

I am passionate about gas detection, with its multiple and extremely varied applications. It is a business sector that's involved in everything from methane detection in boiler rooms to hydrocarbons at petrochemical plants, from hydrogen sulfide in water treatment plants to hydrocyanic acid in the specialty chemicals industry, and even from ammonia detection in agribusiness to carbon monoxide in the steel industry. I've learned a lot from contact with our customers. I have shared their manufacturing processes, their problems and their standards requirements.

I must admit that working for Oldham has been much more than just a job for me. It has given me the opportunity to help you make your work environment safer, and to save lives..

Today, I am extremely happy to share this experience with you, our current customers, and those who will become new customers. You can email me any questions you have, and we will respond individually to all questions.  When I receive a question of general interest, I'll share the response on this site so that as many people as possible can benefit, while of course respecting the confidentiality of the requester.

This column is totally dedicated to you.  Take advantage of it!