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​The MDXi unit fits all configurations of gas and flame detection. It can be used as a stand-alone detection unit to monitor production units or storage plants. It can also be integrated in a F&G cabinet to be the core detection system.

Monitoring of up to 100 independent measurement channels

Modular design with a measurement card for each detector and extension rack

Standard analogue inputs compatible with all detectors (gas, flame, measures, emergency stop)

ModBus / JBUS and RS485 communication interface (optional)

MDXi is a high reliability detection unit with a modular design, without common mode. It meets all the safety requirements of gas detection systems. Auto-tests ensure optimum operation. MDXi offers redundancy of power supply (230 V AC or 24 V DC) to enable a fail-safe operation in case of main power supply shut down.

  • 3 relays per channel (2 alarms and 1 default)
  • One measurement card for each detector and an extension rack
  • Standard analog inputs compatible with all detectors
  • MODBUS / JBUS communication interface; continuous monitoring of unit and detectors
  • Power supply separated from the controller and channel cards
  • Double-check system in the event of scale overruns

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