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The detection of toxic gas accumulations in car parks, enclosed areas and tunnels requires a dedicated solution. SAMSYS is an integrated wall mount controller with in-built sequential sampling system linked to a maximum of 9 channels. The system can monitor one or more toxic gases.

SAMSYS is a wall mounted sequential sampling system. The system is easy to install, commission and maintain. System configuration is achieved via key pad and user friendly interface.

SAMSYS provides the following standard outputs: 4 alarm points can be configured per channel, ModBus output, configurable relays (zoning). The SAMSYS is able to monitor up to 35.000m2 and is available up to 9 channels.

SAMSYS is designed for User configuration ensuring the following functions:

  • Automatic and periodic re-zeroing
  • Programmable scan time per channel
  • Alarm and fault management
  • Linearization of the measure and display
  • Automatic fan control
  • Printing

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