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The CTX 300 detector is designed to detect oxygen, toxic and refrigerant gases, and also uses sensors for 02 and CO2 detection over three different ranges: 0-5000 ppm, 0-5% vol. and 0-100% vol.

The CTX 300 transmits data in record time. With a wide range of sensor options, it has the flexibility to protect many potentially hazardous environments.

Maintaining the unit is easy with pre-calibrated sensors and an optional LCD display.

  • Detects O2, CO2, toxic and refrigerant gases
  • 4-20 mA output analog transmitter with optional backlit display
  • Plug-in and pre-calibrated sensors
  • Available with electrochemical, infrared or semi-conductor sensors
  • More than 30 different sensors are available to detect most toxic gases in the industry
  • Available in an infrared version for CO2 -EN14624 compliant with regards to R134a monitoring
  • Oxygen detector for commercial or industrial applications in unclassified areas

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