Tyco Gas and Flame Detection is committed to the development of new products to comply with new standards and to meet ever-evolving customer needs in gas and flame detection instruments. As such, we must periodically streamline our product offerings to continue to provide services of the highest quality and to remain competitive. An interruption in supply of critical components needed for the manufacture of a product could lead to its discontinuation.

In addition, during the design phase of new products intended for replacement of existing products, we focus special attention on the maintenance of products in the field and give consideration to the compatibility between new and existing devices.

Below is a list of products that will be discounted. Also included is a summary of products that have been previously discontinued and are close to obsolescence. For more information on discontinued products or their replacements, please contact us.

Products Date of Discontinuation Date of Obsolescence* Replacement Products
MX 42 31-Dec-12 31-Dec-20 MX 43
MX 48 31-Dec-12 31-Dec-20 MX 43
CEX 300 31-Dec-12 31-Dec-20 OLC 100
OLC(T) 20D (HT) 31-Dec-12 31-Dec-20 OLC(T) 100 (HT)
OLCT 40(D) 31-Dec-12 31-Dec-20 OLC(T) 100 (HT)
OLC(T) 50(D) (HT) 31-Dec-12 31-Dec-20 OLC(T) 100 (HT)
CEX 800 Prior to 2000 Dec-11 OLC 100
CEX 810 Dec-04 Dec-11 OLC 100
CEX 820 Dec-03 Dec-11 OLCT 100
CEX/CTX 870 Dec-03 Dec-11 OLCT 60
CTX 2042 Dec-02 Dec-11 OLCT 60
CTX 50 Prior to 2000 Dec-11 OLCT 10(N)/CTX 300
CTX 100 Prior to 2000 Dec-11 CTX 300
CTX 200 Dec-02 Dec-11 OLCT 100
Surveyor 5 Prior to 2000 Dec-04 MX 15
MX 31 Apr-00 Oct-07 MX 32
MX 41 Prior to 2000 Dec-04 MX 43
MX 51 Dec-01 Mar-06 MX 52
Vigipark Dec-08 Jun-10 CPS
1600 Dec-11 31-Dec-19 MX 43
4800 Mar-14 31-Dec-16 MX 43
6400, 6410, 6430, 6440 Prior to 2006 Dec-11 OLCT - iTrans
WorksAlone/Transmitter II Mar-02 Dec-11 OLCT- iTrans
WorksAlone/Transmitter 2 Mar-05 31-Dec-12 OLCT- iTrans
WorksAlones (Gen. I) Prior to 2001 Dec-09 OLCT- iTrans
Works-in-a-Box (WA/T2) Mar-05 Mar-05 NONE
RF 900 Dec-10 Dec-11 OLCT 200 & WX controllers
AirAware (HCN, PH3, ClO2) Dec-11 Dec-19 iTrans2 Stand-Alone
820 Jan-2015 Jan-2015 MX43
RS 5100 Feb-2015 Feb-2023 iTrans2 Stand-Alone
PS 1100 Oct-2015 Oct-2015 PS500 Single Gas
Wingas 2G Nov-2015 Nov-2023 Wingas 3G & MX 43
OLCT 100 XPIR Oct 3, 2016 Dec 31, 2019 OLCT 710 XPIR
OLCT 60 & OLCT 60D XPIR Oct 3, 2016 Dec 31, 2019 OLCT 710 XPIR
OLCT 80 & OLCT 80D XPIR Oct 3, 2016 Dec 31, 2019 OLCT 710 XPIR

*Service/Repair and all replacement parts available until this date.